Carpet Cleaning

All The Tricks You Need To Know About Cleaning Carpet!

What should I use, how often, and how to clean the carpet do I clean it myself or hire a professional?

Firstly you need to find out what type of carpet it is. Whether it be wool, synthetic, polypropylene, or nylon.

If you know what type of carpet you have may save you money as you may be able to clean the carpet yourself without having to use a professional carpet cleaner. As you have invested in a carpet it may pay to invest in a carpet cleaning machine. You will have the choice of a steam cleaner or a dry cleaner. Or you may want to call in a professional carpet cleaner to ensure the carpet is thoroughly and correctly cleaned.

Cleaning products need to be decided on as the product needs to break down dust and dirt, the build-up deep down in the pile needs to be drawn out and any bacteria or germs need to be killed. At the same time, you need to maintain the original look of the carpet.

The wrong product on any stain can be a disaster for your carpet, this can cause the stain to worsen or become permanently fixed. This is the reason you should only use and trust professional carpet cleaning services to remove that unwanted stains.

When do carpets need cleaning?

To extend the life of your carpet you will need to clean it often. A dirty carpet contains soil and debris that wear the fibers of your carpet. Carpet cleaning removes these damaging particles, leaving you with the question; How often should you clean your carpet?

How often will depend on how many people are in the home, whether are there any children, do you have pets, and whether or not you have smokers in your home?

If you have a home with two adults, you should clean your carpet every six to twelve months. If these two adults are smokers you would then need to make it every four months.

If you have children or pets on your carpet you should clean the carpet at least every six months and if you have both children and pets you had better clean the carpet every three months.

As these numbers are a general guide you may find your cleaning intervals will vary. If you notice soil and dark areas on your carpet it is very dirty and the carpet needs to be cleaned immediately. If you wait too long you will cause damage to your carpets and rugs.

Home Remedies for Small Stains:

If you use a steam cleaning device use some of the small attachments that they come with. These are designed for spot cleaning and should be used to get the maximum effectiveness out of your equipment.

Fresh spills are easiest to clean and should first be blotted carefully to remove excess moisture before anything else is done. The quicker you blot the less likely your stain will set.

If you feel you need something to get a sufficient clean, keep a supply of baking soda, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol on hand for spot removal of stubborn carpet stains. Keep plenty of paper towels and a spray bottle on hand for these occasions. Carpet cleaning tools can be anything from paper towels to an expensive commercial-grade carpet cleaning machine.

Knowing what the stain is, the age of the stain, and the size of the stain can help you decide on the equipment to use to address the problem.

If the stain, no matter what you do, will not go away then you can always find out if they can either repair or replace the carpets for you.

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