CNC Wood Lathe Machine for Oak Porch Spindles Making


Please learn more details about this cnc wood turning lathe by click the link below:

CNC Wood Lathe Machine Technical Parameter
Brand | EagleTec
Model Number | EA-TL1530ST3
Construction | one rotary, two cutters, adjustable gymbal & spindle
Spindle | 3.5kw, air cooled, ER25 collet, 0 ~ 18000 rpm
Turning Motor | servo motor (high version), three-phase asynchronous motor (standard version)
Rotary Feeding Range | 0~3000 rpm
Max. Simultaneous Axis Quantity | Three
Machining Capacity | turn-milling, broaching, turn-broaching (high & standard version); embossment carving on column (high version only)
Lathe Controller | Richauto DSP A132 (3 axis controller), read DXF file directly
Working Diameter Range | 20mm ~ 300mm
Working Length Range | 100 ~ 1500mm
Lathe Weight | 1500KGS
Packing Dimension | 3150x1220x1680mm (6.46CBM)

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