dust.resin.water. Trailer

A new film from Troy Cryder, dust.resin.water. A not-so-in-depth look at the art of carving wood and foam into pieces of wave riding art. From the backyard shaper to the multi-label surfboard factory, ‘dust.resin.water.’ offers a glimpse into surfboard design-its past and its future, and the craftsmen behind the foam (and wood) planer and industry the issues they all face. Central Florida shapers such as Tom Neilson, Rich Price, Sean Slater, Ricky Carroll, Balsa Bill, Pat O’Hare and more give their insight and reflections on where they have been and where the surfboard industry could be headed. Music from: Honey Miller, Mike Runion, Sweet Tea & the Wave Equations, Riverman and more…

Bill Yerkes, Pat O’Hare, Bruce Grimes, Ricky Carroll, Pat Madden, Stu Sharpe, Chris Birch, Tom Neilson, Chad Stone, Sean Slater, Rich Price, Bagel, George Robinson, Allen White, Brian Tudor

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