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How To Keep Single And Double Hung Windows Clean

We’ve all heard the terms used to describe windows: double hung, single hung, triple pane, casement, sliders, etc. Though windows do differ in how they operate and perform from day to day, one thing remains the same–if you have windows you have to clean windows.

Double-hung windows and single-hung windows are virtually the same thing, but where they differ is which parts of them move. In the former, both panes move, one up and one down so you can get air into your space and ventilate bad smells out. Either the top or the bottom or both can be open at any given time. With the latter, however, it’s just the bottom pane that moves up or down, leaving the upper pane a stationary window.

Both of these types of windows have a timeless style and are very functional. They don’t take up much room because they don’t swing in or out but rather they go up and down and they are pretty easy to keep clean. They look great and can be used in any room of the house which makes them a popular choice with consumers.

If your double or single-hung windows aren’t of the tilting variety, like some are, never mind, they are still easy to clean. Simply put them in the closed position and clean the inside pane, then the outside pane. If they do tilt in you have it made in the shade as you can clean both sides at the same time without moving from indoors to out. Tilt the window in, wipe both sides, and place it back in the frame. What can be easier than that?

All glass can be cleaned with a variety of products from warm soapy water to specialized glass cleaners, but you can get great, streak-free results from something as simple as newspaper and vinegar. Both are easily accessible and do the job fast and effectively.

Windows can also benefit from professional cleaning. A professional window cleaner has the proper tools and the know-how to get all of your windows gleaming. They are also experts on insect damage and repair and can tell you what to watch for in terms of wear and when it is time to replace windows completely. While you may not need a professional each time, once or twice a year is a good bet to keep your house looking great!

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