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Three Reasons To Get A Vacuum For Pet Hair

If you have a dog or a cat that is allowed to roam freely in your carpeted home, chances are you have had difficulty vacuuming up the loose hair that they have shed on your rugs. You could try to remedy this problem by sprinkling some baking soda to try and draw out moisture from the carpet that is brought on by the room’s humidity, then vacuuming up the debris. You could also buy a broom with plastic bristles and then manually scrub the carpet bristly, thereby bringing up any matted pet hair for easy vacuuming later.

The baking soda and the brush methods work especially if they are done together. But it’s back breaking especially if you need to use these methods on more than one carpet. If you have a dog that is shedding heavily like an Akita, then you are in real trouble as he or she will undoubtedly rest on your carpets and deposit layers of dog hair that will be forced into your rug due to your dog’s weight.

Your shedding dog will probably lie down many times a day. A vacuum designed to remove pet hair from carpets is the ideal solution to this problem. There are three reasons why you should consider getting one.


A vacuum designed for pets generally has greater suction than the average consumer vacuum. This means that it will remove clingy, stubborn matted hair much more easily than a regular vacuum. Bear in mind that suction and power are two separate concepts. Almost every home vacuum that is sold in the market is 12 AMP. An AMP is the unit of power that drives the vacuum’s motor. The design of the vacuum usually determines its suction.


Most modern vacuums have filters like HEPA filters, to contain microscopic particles like pollen that some people are allergic to. However, if you are allergic to pet dander or your dog brings in pollen from outdoors then lies on your rug, the particles will be buried along with matted dog hair that a regular vacuum may not reach. Using a plastic brush to manually clean the rug will release the particles into the room. Using baking soda may also make the allergic reactions worse as the baking soda particles easily float in the air.


Vacuums designed with pets in mind usually include tools that make pet hair pickup easier. For example, many pet hair vacuums come with tools that have rubber brushes that make vacuuming carpeted stairs and upholstery matted with pet hair easier. Other attachments are more manufacturer specific.

For example, some Dyson Animal vacuums come with a tool called the Zorb groomer that lightly brushes a baking soda-like powder into your carpet thereby conditioning it. The Zorb groomer tool also lightly sucks in particles that begin to float as the rug gets agitated.

If you have one or more pets in your carpeted home that shed you should look into getting a vacuum that is specifically designed to eliminate pet hair.

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