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DIY Dog Pee Removal From Carpet

Is it better to have your carpets professionally cleaned to get dog urine out of your carpet, or is it better to learn how to remove dog pee stains yourself?

If you have unlimited money that you can spend hiring professional carpet cleaning firms to come to your home and clean the carpet every time Fido has an accident, then that may work for you.

What about if you’ve just had the carpets cleaned for the umpteenth time, and Fido goes potty on your freshly cleaned carpet a day later?

Are you going to call the professional carpet cleaners back out again?

Even if money is no object, if you have a dog in the house, you really must look into what are the best and most efficient ways to handle the removal of dog urine from the carpet.

Dog pee on the carpet can happen to good people. It just happens, and it is never a good time. But if you can clean it up before it has had a chance to sit too long, your chances of getting out the stain and the stink is pretty good – if you know what works, and if you take action quickly.

Hands down, the very best tool that I have ever bought for cleaning up the dog urine from the carpet is my handy dandy lightweight extractor-type steam cleaner for carpets. I don’t recommend using steam or heat or hot water on the fresh urine stains, because I believe that hot water can set the stain.

The way my extractor cleaner works requires that first, you pre-treat the spot, and then you fill up the tank with the hottest water that you can get out of the tap. You have the option of including some special cleaning solution to that to assist in cleaning the carpet.

However, you also have the option of using cool water if you want, and that is what I suggest you do for the safest result.

If it’s a fresh stain I might flush the area first with some clear water. I might also use some Nature’s Miracle or another product designed to eliminate the odor and stain of pet urine. After I’ve let the water or the product sit for a few minutes I then use the extractor on my cleaner to suck up as much of the yucky stuff as I can get out of the carpet.

Going over the area slowly, over and over again, until no more moisture is being pulled out usually will do the trick. Sometimes I will repeat the process, and go over the area several more times until I feel that it is really clean.

I think that the pros outweigh the cons in evaluating the effectiveness of my lightweight extractor cleaner.

Since it is lightweight it is easy for me to move and use, so I am willing to use it more often. It can even be kind of fun to use it if there is anything fun at all about cleaning up a dirty job like dog urine removal. The drawback of my lightweight cleaner extractor is that it is not large enough to clean an entire room. It is possible to clean an entire room with it, but probably is a job better left to a larger machine.

But it is perfect on those stinky smelly spots and areas.

It cleans them up quickly and effectively.

It is, by far, the best tool that I have ever bought to help me tackle this thankless dirty job.

And it can save you a boatload of money over hiring a professional to do the job for you. I still have the professionals come in several times a year to do the entire carpet, but I love the way my cleaner works on the day-to-day need for spot removal.

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