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How to Clean Up Tapioca Pudding Spills on the Carpet

Tapioca pudding is a delicious dessert that many people love to eat. It is really tasty and sweet which is why it is a favorite of countless people. Tapioca pudding is made of tapioca mixed with milk or cream. It is very simple to make yet it is very delicious.

When you are eating tapioca pudding you should always try to be careful though. This is because spilling it inadvertently on your carpet can cause quite a mess. It will also leave behind an ugly stain that will make your carpet look ugly and unattractive.

Tapioca pudding stains can be very difficult to remove which is why you must take proper action to clean it up. Follow the advice below to help you in cleaning up this mess on your carpet.

• Begin by removing as much of the foreign material on your carpet as possible. You can scoop up the spilled pudding with a blunt knife or a spoon or you can also make use of a clean white cloth to blot the affected area. Continue doing this until you have extracted all of the foreign material on your carpet.

• Next, get some clean water and add a few drops of it to the stain that is left behind on your carpet. This helps in diluting the stain so that it will become lighter. After adding the water, use a paper towel to blot the area to help remove some of the stains.

• Now you must make a cleaning solution that will help in totally removing the tapioca pudding stain. For this step, you must combine a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with three cups of warm water. This will make a very potent detergent-based cleaning solution that will eliminate the ugly stain on your carpet.

• Pour some of the cleaning solutions you have created onto the tapioca pudding stain on the carpet. Then, let it set for three to five minutes to allow it to break down the stain. Afterward, grab a clean white cloth and then slowly blot the tapioca pudding stain.

• Continue to blot the pudding stain on your carpet until you can remove it completely. It is recommended that you make your way from the outer portion of the stain moving inward for best results.

• With the stain already gone, the only thing left for you to do is to rinse the carpet area you just cleaned. This is to avoid leaving behind any residue that could build up and cause damage over time. Pour a glass of water on where the stain used to be and then dry everything up with some clean rags to finish off the job.

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