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How to Easily Get Dog Pee Out of Your Carpets Permanently

I know your dog has been peeing everywhere around the house. The frustration and the stress alone are overwhelming, you need a solution to solve this everyday problem and obviously, that is why you are reading this article right now. In this article, I am going to teach you how you can finally stop your dog from peeing everywhere around the house, and even go further to train him towards good and better behavioral habits.

The smell of dog pee can be annoying and embarrassing if you happen to have visitors, but people make the mistake of cleaning a dog’s pee wrongly, that is why you still might smell it after cleaning, even when it is clear you did your best. To clean your dog’s pee effectively, first, use a thick paper towel to absorb your dog’s pee with much pressure, the paper towel has to be thick to absorb a good percentage of the dog’s pee.

Following the stage of absorption comes cleaning with recommended chemicals because if you just clean with a paper towel, there would still be some percentage of dog pee remaining and it would not be permanently removed, however, you do not want your children or someone else in that area when it has not been completely cleaned, due to harmful diseases they might contact.

Cleaning with chemical substances like home detergent, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda. The home detergent reduces the smell and removes bacterial infection to an extent, the baking soda neutralizes the odor, and the hydrogen peroxide fights and kills the bacterial infection in the dog’s pee.

Mix a quarter glass of these three substances, but mix the baking soda and the detergent in liquid form i. e make each one liquid fill into a quarter of the normal-sized glass and then use this immediately to rub off the spot for about three minutes non-stop. After that, rub it off with a dry cloth and spray some air freshener around that spot to completely get rid of the smell and just leave it to dry, this would completely dry your carpet and get rid of unseen germs.

This method of getting rid of your dog’s pee permanently from your carpet has been used by me and is also very effective, however, you might notice some other problems with your dog. Most importantly, you have cured your problem of cleaning your dog’s pee properly.

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