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Information About NSS Carpet Extractors And Floor Equipment

One of the largest sectors of the American commercial cleaning market is carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning can be done by professionals as well as residential users. Carpet cleaning professionals usually use a carpet cleaning system that is mounted in a truck or van and is extremely powerful. Residential and small commercial carpet cleaning systems usually come in the form of small machines.

The two main types of carpet cleaning machines are self-contained units and tank extractors. Self-contained carpet cleaning extractors saturate the floor with cleaning solution, agitate the carpet fibers to break away debris, and recover any dirty liquid from the floor. Tank extractors use high pressure and a wand to break away debris and dirt from carpet fibers.

A good self-contained carpet extractor should have a good brush agitation system, a pump system to spray liquid into the carpet, and a powerful recovery system to suck water from the fibers. NSS makes one of the best and oldest self-contained carpet extractors sold in the United States. The NSS stallion 818 is renowned for its excellent cleaning standards and durable components.

The three main parts of a self-contained carpet extractor are the brush drive system, the pump system, and the recovery system. The brush drive system is usually powered by a small electrical motor that drives an internal beater bar that agitates the carpet fibers. The stallion contains a.125 brush motor which runs on 120 Volts. This brush motor has ample power to clean even the heaviest pile of carpets.

The motor drives a belt which in turn drives a large bristled beater bar. It is important when buying a carpet extractor to make sure that the bearings in the beater bar system are impervious to water damage over time. In some other comparable models bearings go out quickly and are costly to replace. NSS has overcome this problem by using premium sealed bearings which last up to five times longer than conventional ones.

The pump system uses a 100 psi, bypass, diaphragm type pump which provides ample power to penetrate water deep into carpet fibers. The most important feature of any carpet extractor is how much water it recovers from the carpet. The more water recovered the faster the drying time which helps carpets recover from the cleaning process.

This NSS carpet extractor utilizes a three-stage 2 hp Ametek vacuum motor which will last up to 3 to 5 years if the machine is used correctly. NSS parts are some of the best parts used by any floor equipment manufacturer.

The NSS stallion is easy-to-use and does a great job at cleaning carpets with heavy buildup. The machine is dragged in a backward direction and is easy and light enough for any user. To fill the machine with cleaning detergent an easy-to-use fill system is located on the front of the unit. A mesh screen is used to filter water as it enters the machine so that debris does not get caught up in solution lines and the pump.

This method reduces downtime and keeps all solution lines free and running as designed. To empty the machine it can be backed up to a mop sink or toilet and emptied easily within a minute. All buttons and switches on this unit are marked clearly and are covered by water-resistant plastic to prevent electrical short circuits. The dirty water recovery tank can be easily flushed out by removing the top clear dome and flushing with water.

Overall this carpet extractor is easy to maintain and use. With full knowledge that only the best parts are used in this machine, any user can be sure of the least a 5 to 15-year lifespan. NSS also offers an unheard-of three-year warranty and 10 years on tanks and Poly parts. If the machine ever breaks down and NSS parts are easy to find at any local dealer or online store. Compared to other models such as Windsor, Nobles, Clarke, Tornado, and Taski this machine wins hands down.

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