Video [ woodwork and design ] [woodwork and design]

HIBITAS is design project.
we discover the merit of the countryside which is not
in a city. Generate new things(wooden products)
which gives with mind to routinely days.
TAS=add to,+
“HIBITAS“ is carried out based on Japanese language.

It has focused on Kashimo famous for
the place of production of a cypress.

◆ +region
kashimo nakatsugawa-city
gifu pref. japan

◆ role
camera : Shuhei Kobayashi
interviewer :Maki Ohashi
translator : Hana Fujibayashi
Yuki Ohashi
thanks : Kosei Maeda
Mai Fujibayashi
edit,direct : Shuhei Kobayashi

◆ Gear
Canon EOS 60D
Contax planar f1.4/50

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