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Why Clean Your Carpets In Summer Vs. Winter?

Whether it’s summer or winter, maintaining the carpets as a part of your housekeeping regime shouldn’t be skipped. Both seasons are a good time to clean, with clear advantages of each. Here’s why:

Reasons For Carpet Cleaning In Summer

Summer Vacations For The Kids

During the summer in Atlanta, it’s quite important to have carpets cleaned, especially if you have kids at home.

During their break from the school year, the increase in the amount of time children spends at home causes additional stress to the rugs. Moreover, if you are returning from a beach getaway with your family, you’re sure to bring a lot of the beach back in your shoes – something that finds home straight into the threads of the carpet.

Cleaning then becomes very important to prevent the germs deposited in the carpets from getting your children sick when they’re sitting on them or from permanently damaging them.

Bringing The Outdoor Dust Indoors

Summer also means spending a lot of time outdoors. In other words, bringing in dust and germs from the backyard. Naturally, this culminates into a higher overall deposit rate of dirt, water, sand, grass, and other undesired substances on the carpet, making it both untidy and reducing its life.

This makes it vital to clean the dirt thoroughly before it starts wearing out the fibers of your carpet.

Show Off Your Home’s Beauty During Social Gatherings

Good weather implies more merry-making and inviting friends and family home quite often. When you have guests over, you’ll want your house to look its best. Clean and well-maintained carpets in summer thus help to show off the home’s beauty as against unkempt carpets that only make it appear very shabby.

All of these reasons make summer an appropriate time to go for carpet cleaning.

Reasons For Carpet Cleaning In Winter

Faster Drying Time

Contrary to common belief, the drying time post-carpet cleaning is significantly shorter during winters. That’s because it is only the weather outside that’s inclement.

At home, with the heating systems on, it’s quite warm and cozy. When the air indoors is warmed up, absorbing moisture tends to get much easier, especially since cold air is normally drier.

Protection is Key

During winters, an abundance of moisture and dirt gets trapped inside the house as we spend more time indoors. Wouldn’t cleaning before the dirt settles in deeply makes much more sense?

Organic carpet cleaning companies in Atlanta help significantly in this regard, thus increasing your carpet’s life. With their expert techniques, they quickly prevent the deeper soiling from permanently damaging it.

As winter is ideal for fireplace weather, clean carpets also preserve the interior air quality with proper maintenance. This helps to ensure that the goal of healthy living is uncompromised.

Booking Availability

Very few people understand the relevance of professional carpet cleaning in Atlanta during winter and usually choose to go for the service during summer or spring.

However, choosing to book during the winter can turn out to be a big advantage as there will be more availability during this “off-season.” It can help you with scheduling your booking with the professional at your time of convenience much more easily.

Both summer and winter have their advantages in terms of carpet cleaning. Ideally, you should ask a professional to visit once each season to elongate the life of your carpet.

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